An Interesting Arrest

This story was just released the other day concerning a DWI arrest in Westlake. Normally this type of news is mundane, but what makes this particular story unique is not only who the offender was, but what the implications are for us as drivers in general.

Just before 1:00 Wednesday morning (or Tuesday night, if you’re the nocturnal type), 32-year-old Nicolas Ramirez was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation and arrested for suspicion of drunk driving near Westlake. But, the reason why the media covered this story so extensively is because Mr. Ramirez—as you may already know—is a commissioned peace officer. And not only is Mr. Ramirez a police officer, but he is a Forth Worth Police Department DWI enforcement officer!

Mr. Ramirez submitted to a breath test and was alleged to be more than twice the legal limit (.08 in Texas).

How do you feel about the news surrounding Officer Ramirez’s alleged offense?

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